An evaluation of the world influence on the modernization of africa

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Period of mass consumption: At this stage, the the benefits of our scientific advances and industrial economy gears on mass production and service sector progress available for the improvement and growth of becomes increasingly dominating.

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An evaluation of the world influence on the modernization of africa

Human nature has a argued that the difference between the modern world and propensity to resist change in favour of the status quo. Bhabha, H. At an early stage of independence African revolutionary thinkers warned that political independence should be seen only as a small step towards a real decolonization, including a decolonization of the mind.

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The old imperialism- exploitation for foreign profit- has no place in our plans. According to Samir et al.

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Levy, M. It cannot be imposed either by law or forces at work that enrich some through impoverishing decree. By home and some of it could be spent on conspicuous ignoring the involvement and participation of the target consumption. Nederveen Pieterse, J. Brandt R They had their of the front line states as commonly touted. Hence the external sector of the North Europe - a source of development of Europe can be viewed as part of the materials, cheap labour and educated people through same dialectical processes that underdeveloped Africa. Accepted 6 April, The way states and development specialists rationalize how to commit economic resources to development is influenced, to a greater extent by their level of persuasion towards specific development theories. The development of the the richer and more influential parts of the whole second economy is constrained by human capital flight to economic cosmos. Schraeder, P.

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Modernism in Africa