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Will and Anne Hutchinson, along with their 11 children, soon followed suit, sailing to America with John Winthrop and other colonists on the Griffin, in the hopes of practicing their faith in an environment more favorable to the new ideas of Puritanism.

For this act of defiance, he was put in jail for one year First of all, during their time, it was recognized that one did not have a right American Jezebel: the Uncommon Life of Anne Hutchinson words - 13 pages LaPlante, Eve.

Then Hutchinson made a statement that sealed her fate: she claimed that her revelations came directly from God, which was a clear case of heresy in Puritan Massachusetts. In extremely hard times, they provided the necessary help for the survival of the eight people hiding out in the attic of a factory. She had to go through a lot of adversity growing up like being beat, house being burned down, moving to different school, and being abuse by her mom's boyfriend. This later became known as the Covenant of Grace. Hutchinson being a woman did affect her trial. The story is about woman who was not afraid to speak out and voice her views. Hester Prynne commits adultery, but she handles it differently than Anne.

The civil rights movement dealt with numerous issues that many people had not agreed with. They both believed in conscience liberty, suffered persecution at the hands of the theocrats, and both went on to help dissenters make life anew in the colonies.

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Pitt dissertation database - "[99] massachusetts continued to persecute hutchinson's followers who stayed in the boston area. Inhe migrated to the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and a year later Hutchinson and her husband followed.

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