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In the society of Brave New World, the citizens are content with their rules they must follow. In a Brave New World by Aldous Huxley people in the world state are conditioned and drugged up by soma to not experience true happiness. Huxley decides throughout Brave New World that cloning humans is unethical. At first, John seems to represent the fictional philosophical figure known as the noble savage. Or you can write an interview transcript between you and one of the characters. His relationship with Lenina changes both of their identities. Thus, instead of no feeling, Lenina begins to have strong passion and emotion toward John. I have clearly demarcated the boundaries of this passage to contain full, clear thoughts and capture the story that is at hand. In the World State, the principle of promiscuity is an important part of society because according to Huxley, Miller and Sunstein it preserves people from engaging in politics. Rather, John kills himself when his social conditioning convinces him that he is perverse and wicked. Because, of course, he was with them a lot. The way he dies illustrates his fate again. Afterwards he forces John to look into his eyes therefore he starts crying. The ability to understand and dive into the thoughts of the author is what makes world literature.

I am free. The world within this novel is unlike our world in numerous ways, but is also similar in several ways. Studien und Dokumente zur Geschichte der Romanischen Literaturen London: Elek, This signifies that death is not acknowledged in the new world, that it is, generally speaking, ignored.

In a Brave New World by Aldous Huxley there is always a perfect drug called soma that keeps everyone happy, which they have based their society on.

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They have different views of love. Together, the effect of these strategies is to create discomfort and even confusion in the reader, provoking him or her to question basic assumptions about the organization of society and the nature of our human relationships.

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So when Aldous wrote the he had so many ideas. They are unaware they have been conditioned to living a certain way that is different from other worlds which leads many to confusion and curiosity Instead of easy and comfortable living, freedom of thinking is more important for them. Throughout the novel, several characters are faced with being exiled, whether it be from their home or community. Huxley decides throughout Brave New World that cloning humans is unethical. Brave New World is full of information and meaning. Upon its release, the narrative became widely banned all over the United States due to the unorthodox thoughts and actions of multiple characters in it. He proves that his time at the savage reservation was a huge influence on his character, seeking a life like the one he had always known, even after being given the opportunity to be a part of what some would consider a utopian society.
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