Gene expression data

gene expression data definition

X chromosome inactivation in female mammals to prevent an "overdose" of the genes it contains. The stability of the final gene product, whether it is RNA or protein, also contributes to the expression level of the gene—an unstable product results in a low expression level.

Gene expression data

More generally, gene regulation gives the cell control over all structure and function, and is the basis for cellular differentiationmorphogenesis and the versatility and adaptability of any organism.

Discussion paper, Department of Statistics, Stanford University. Statistical methods for identifying genes with differential expression in replicated cDNA microarray experiments.

how to normalize gene expression data

Statistical Science — On the other hand, the additional mRNA size information from the Northern blot allows the discrimination of alternately spliced transcripts. Genomic DNA consists of two antiparallel and reverse complementary strands, each having 5' and 3' ends.

Genome Biology 3 5 :research Controlling the false discovery rate: A practical and powerful approach to multiple testing. Classification of multiple cancer types by multicategory support vector machines using gene expression data.

Google Scholar Hardiman G These changes influence a transcription factor's ability to bind, directly or indirectly, to promoter DNA, to recruit RNA polymerase, or to favor elongation of a newly synthesized RNA molecule.

The radiolabeled RNA is then detected by an autoradiograph.

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Gene expression data analysis.