Icelandic society in njals saga

John Hines and Desmond Slay, 83— Rather, they served in a capacity similar to an American grand jury, deciding whether or not enough un-refuted evidence existed for the case to continue. Njal was considered one of the wisest men in Iceland, but though many came to him for consul, including Gunnar, his own sons frequently avoided asking him for advice, which eventually led to disaster.

Not only is it one of the finest examples of saga-writing, but it also hinges many times upon the outcome of this or that legal case. When he denies having a woman in Iceland, she curses him so that he is unable to consummate his marriage.

There is a legal joust between the parties.

hallgerd njals saga

Google Scholar Kellogg, Robert. Lindow, L. Gunnar then offers to make the settlement himself, pledging friendship along with double value, but Otkel rejects this based on advice.

Apparent lack of emotion seems to exist as a standard convention in the Viking literature examined thus far.

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Why is Njáls saga the best Icelandic saga?