Mass effect 2 geth heretics re write a sentence

The problem I'm having, is I can't find what happens to the war assets, if you neglect to do Legion's loyalty mission.

Rewrite geth heretics me2

Get her through this time, get that idea of suicide out of her head, and she can be free again--she doesn't know that she's still in chains. If it was of Quarian origins it would. That doesn't make one iota of sense and it would end up being a lot of maintenance, and one I wouldn't perform, and completely oppose, as I see this as the basic definition of needless redundancy. One ahead to the left in the alcove; the second is in an alcove next to the exit door. Note: There is a med-kit with medi-gel next to the geth console. Especially in a "Trivia" section where everyone's already kind of on notice that it isn't going to be either in-universe or gameplay related. It's easier to change something when you already know where to look. You're basically brainwashing them and there is a possibility that they could come to the same conclusion again. Move to the door, open it, and go in the hallway. Legion then informs Shepard that there is an alternative option to the plan. It is recommended you save before entering this room.

That is interesting as I've never heard of that happening. I didn't catch if I got Paragon points or not.

mass effect 3 peace between geth and quarians

It has been reported that whether or not anyone will even listen to you also depends on your Reputation; no specifics at this time. Note that you can flee back up the stairs if things get too hot, and if your squadmates fall then reviving them when they are behind the geth will distract them and help you get back into the fight.

Putting dialogue on character pages and on walkthrough articles has been repeatedly opposed in the past and probably will end up being because of the needless redundancy factor.

mass effect 2 rewrite or destroy heretics mass effect 3

Get the idea of being the Reapers' little slaves out of their heads, and they can be free again. Even if they were taken advantage of because of naivete, it's not any less true that they decided to join the Reapers.

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The big room that you see may have even been an attempt by the heroics to build a Reaper body for them with what tech they had, as Soverign's probly died before it spilled the beans. My question is- does giving the geth full ai status like legion destroy this unique quality of the geth?

Mass effect 2 geth heretics re write a sentence

If it is still possible for the geth to turn off gravity, how could they remove windows just because they don't need them? To me they seem similar to ants- they have a unique communication system that makes their meager individual traits heightened and allows information to be transmitted across relatively vast distances. You have to remember geth do not think in such terms. I added it back in for now because it seems like valid trivia to me, and the process is to discuss, then change. After all why not put on Jacob's about the Prodigal Son? As far as I understood it, the upload turns every geth into an ai like legion. At the other end are some power cells and med-kit with medi-gel , grab them both before moving down the ramps to the next area and deeper into the station. Like it was ever going to, as the Reaper supposed annoyance with the geth may orginate that they may become future adversaries. They don't realize they're being used and will be discarded the moment they are no longer useful. Will individual platforms go on dates together or party at the Eternity bar? This room contains a storage room of sorts and has little cover. As for the site's policy, unless chiseled in Prothean stone, I wouldn't base an arguement around that; policy can be changed. Reading through the entirety of one character's lines, you get a general sense of who they are. That's the beauty of free choice - believing your decisions are right even if others think they are wrong. I don't know about the reaper tech thing, we never saw any real evidence of upgrades, the hertics look exactly the same as Legion, who was without Reaper aid and Legion didn't mention anything about the stations construction being anything more than a standard geth construction.

In ME3, regardless of Legion's survival, the Migrant Fleet suffers greater casualties during the war to reclaim Rannoch, reducing the strength of some of the quarian War Assets, and it's more difficult to broker peace between the quarians and geth at the end of Priority: Rannoch.

I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere else.

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rewrite or kill?! *spoilers*